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Ideal concrete saw blade

Designed for dry or wet cutting concrete, bricks.

Professional blade with high cost performance and applicable to all types of building materials.

Suits the clients and market that have certain requirements on the cutting effect and cutting material not fixed.

Very professional blade for cutting reinforced concrete with a long life time.
CBSU-04NL4''(105mm).0.080'' (2.0mm)7mm22.23/25.4mm
CBSU-4.5NL4.5''(115mm).0.080'' (2.0mm)7mm22.23/25.4mm
CBSU-05NL5''(125mm).0.080'' (2.0mm)7mm22.23/25.4mm
CBSU-06NL6''(150mm).0.080'' (2.0mm)7mm22.23/25.4mm
CBSU-07NL7''(180mm) 0.095'' (2.3mm)7mm22.23/25.4mm
CBSU-08NL8''(200mm) 0.095'' (2.3mm)7mm22.23/25.4mm
CBSU-09NL9''(230mm) 0.098'' (2.5mm)7mm22.23/25.4mm
CBSU-10NL10''(250mm) 0.098'' (2.5mm)7mm22.23/25.4mm
CBSU-12NL12''(300mm) 0.125'' (3.2mm)8mm22.23/25.4mm
CBSU-14NL14''(450mm) 0.125'' (3.2mm)8mm22.23/25.4mm
CBSU-16NL16''(450mm) 0.140'' (3.6mm)10mm22.23/25.4mm
CBSU-12NC12''(300mm) 0.125'' (3.2mm)12mm25.4mm
CBSU-14NC14''(350mm) 0.125'' (3.2mm)12mm25.4mm
CBSU-14NB14''(350mm) 0.125'' (3.2mm)10mm25.4mm
CBSU-16NB16''(400mm)  0.140'' (3.6mm)10mm25.4mm

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