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Diamond Tools is a 30 years old Chinese diamond tools manufacturer locates in Hangzhou, China. Since 1986, BODA has dedicated itself to manufacture the greatest diamond products for customers in construction and stone fabrication industries.

In 2007, BODA Mexico was found to serve the North American market. In 2009, we made another bold but strategic decision, DIAMOND TOOLS BRASIL was set up in Sao Paulo Brazil to supply the increasing needs of diamond tools in South America market.

Significant experience gained over the past 30 years by working closely with partners and customers in many parts of the world, and through the development of new products and new markets, our wide range productions are widely accepted around the world.

All our production and custom product is manufactured in our own facility with 100+ diligent workers to guarantee a consistency quality supply.We are also proud to receive ISO9001-2008 quality management system certification in 2011. These internal and external quality management systems guarantee a reliable supply of diamond tools for all customers.

Address:No.156, Zhangjiadun road, Tangqi Town,  Yuhang, Hangzhou 311100, P.R. China.
TEL: +86-571-86378888  FAX: +86-571-86372593

Address:Floor6, 2nd Building of BaFangJieZuo, No. 168 Century Avenue, Linping, Hangzhou 311100 China
TEL: +86-571-86206222     FAX: +86-571-86208011

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